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Taggle is a fun meetup app that allows you to quickly and conveniently find others to join you in your activities, gatherings, events, and so on.

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Connect seamlessly to those around you anywhere, anytime. We make it so that you’ll always be able to find someone to tag along, no matter how big or small, as you journey through life because we believe that you deserve new and memorable experiences.
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Want to meet others with a burning tongue for spicy food like you? To add more fun to your experience, we sprinkled a special “Daily You” card that will match you with activities and other Tagglers based on your answers.
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Do you want to find a companion to an all-female book club? Or how about someone who is also beginning to learn to rollerblade? There are plenty of Taggles that cater to your preferences! Filter Taggles based on interest, location, difficulty level, and more!
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Join a group to get the best offers!

An ongoing group promotion but no one to share it with? Find someone to Taggle with you. Share free drinks for three when you go out to eat, or take advantage of the 5-person dining deal! We want you to feel that you’re definitely not alone.
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